Vision Concept – by Alpine

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Something I´ve been hoping for a long time just happened.. Alpine unveiled the Alpine Vision show car. Marrying elegance, agility and authenticity, this mid-engined two-seater coupé is in every respect a true Alpine. The Alpine Vision heralds the style and performance of the road-going sports car that will be revealed before the end of 2016. Manufactured in Dieppe, France, the upcoming model will go on sale from 2017, initially in Europe and subsequently across the rest of the world.





Alpine has chosen the roads visited by the Rallye Monte-Carlo and, more specifically, the famous and twisty Col de Turini – the scene of its most celebrated early sporting achievements – as the backdrop for its renaissance. Alpine is back to carve out a clear niche in the premium sports car market, promising an invigorating experience to both aficionados and those who appreciate automotive beauty.




The story of Alpine dates back to the vision of its founder, Jean Rédélé. It is a story of motorsport success, technical ingenuity, style and business acumen. By the same token, it is a story of encounters and shared experiences. It is an epic tale that recently celebrated its 60th anniversary.

After claiming a long list of victories behind the wheel of his modified Renault 4CV, Jean Rédélé very quickly recognised the opportunity to create his own automotive brand. He saw that there was room in the market for an innovatively-designed car, with competitive but mainstream mechanicals housed underneath an attractive, lightweight body. This is the same technical ethos that guided the design of the A106 and the foundation of Alpine in 1955.




The design of the Alpine Vision stokes the desire to own and drive a car with real character. Behind the wheel, the precision, agility and playful personality of its chassis combine to produce an altogether captivating cocktail. The fun factor is intense at all speeds.

Such a car, of course, must be capable of giving full rein to its explosive performance potential and, in this respect, the Alpine Vision more than lives up to expectations. Sprinting from a standstill to 100kph in less than 4.5 seconds, its phenomenal acceleration is every bit as impressive as one might imagine and meets the target set for the forthcoming road-going model.




The four-cylinder turbocharged engine delivers its power with an inviting purr and, thanks to the Alpine Vision’s lightweight nature, every kW of energy and Nm of torque is dedicated to performance. This pleasure and performance are backed up by powerful brakes.

The Alpine Vision show car fosters a close, rewarding relationship between the driver, his or her car and the environment. It is the direct and intense nature of this three-way relationship that produces the pleasure that has long been associated with driving Alpines.




More info on this beauty when it hits the road in production stage! Stay tuned!


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