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Normally I’m a full on Jeremy Clarkson – MORE HORSEPOWER, MORE NOISE – (without the ‘hitting my productioncrew in the face’ part) kind of guy… It’s all about the, – let’s say – “emotion ” that comes out to play when I hear a 4cil superbike accelerate off the line, or a Desmo twin that’s on idle at the light… I just simply stop what I’m doing, and watch it go by like the little 6 year old boy that I actually am… Maybe it’s a guy thing, or maybe it’s just me..? I don’t know…

So you probably can imagine, when Josef Morat from ZERO Motorcycles asked me to come visit the Dutch ZERO HQ and drive their fully electric SR model I was a bit sceptical… I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve only driven electrical four wheelers (Tesla, Fisker..) in the past, and alway’s had the “who needs a electrical two wheeler..? ” mindset… – But oh boy, was I wrong….




The first time I walked up to the bike, after a proper introduction at the company and a complimentary espresso, I looked (and it’s probably a natural thing to do..) for an exhaust… But of course, that’s nowhere to be found on an electrical bike.. Safe to say I was instantly fond of the over-all design and build quality of the bike. It has a let’s say, “Ducati Monster with a touch of American BUELL-ish ” kind off look and feel to it… It’s a real compact agile looking bike finished off with quality a-listing parts.




The moment I drove off, the SR gave me a secure feel.. The way the handlebar, the seat and the footpegs are positioned are just right.. But it was the power output (!!) and the agile cornering that gave me an instant smile on my face.. The SR model is powered by a 12.5 kWh Z-Force® Li-Ion intelligent battery which provides 144Nm (The new 2015 Yamaha R1 (!!) does 112Nm at 11.500RPM, just to give you an idea..) on allmost the whole powerband… So you can imagine it took me a couple of KM’s to actually miss the natural engine noise that normally accompanies these amounts of power…




The way this bike comes off the line at the light is just addictive..!! (And as a bonus, it has this awesome nerdy Star Wars Speeder Bike sound to it when it does..) – The SR model tops-out at 164KMH’s, that you reach at approximately five (maybe six) seconds after you twist the handle… It’s a thing I can do allllllll day..!!




And that bring’s me to the “elephant in the room ” – I’m just hearing you think ‘But what about recharging ‘..? And I don’t blame you for that… It’s a bit of a hassle to bring a cable and sticking it in to a normal socket (yes a normal one will do) wherever you are when she’s down to her last 10%’s or less..

And believe me, people WILL LOOK AT YOU for doing so… It’s fun..




The mayority of responses I got from friends I told about my drive was: ‘I can drive 50Km’s, and then I have to wait there for at least four hours before I can get going again..? ‘ – Yeah.. No.. Not really.. The ZERO modelrange has a reach of at least 185KM’s (Only city driving boosts that up to at least 220KM’s) and with the optional Power Pack you can squeeze out a combined (City/Highway) reach of at least 227KM’s… I for instance can do all of my daily routines and commuting for at least two day’s before it needs a full recharge… And in the mean time have loads of driving fun doing so…!!




I’m not going to bore you with more spec’s – But one thing I just have to mention – And that’s take this beautifull passionated brand in consideration when you’re going to buy your new bike..!! Especially when you’re a city driver, this is going to make commuting very fun and efficient. Believe me… I experienced this new-age electrical drive filled with emotion, and so should you…


Starting at € 14.110 – (No road taxes, No engine service needed, and no more fuel costs..)

Visit the ZERO Motorcycles website for more information




Author: Jack Lacanau

Thanks to Josef Morat at ZERO Motorcycles for giving me the opportunity to test the SR. And thanks to Dainese and AGV Helmets for providing me with the safest gear out there.