Reasons you should buy a leather jacket this season – By Jack Lacanau

0 Posted by - 20/04/2016 - Essentials

Leather jackets are definitely a tricky item to get right. They unfortunately, and unfairly, come with a lot of connotations. But if you’re a gentleman with true style you will be able to pull one off. The art of choosing the right leather jacket is one that takes lots and lots of consideration. You can be the best looking and most stylish gentleman in the whole damn world, but if you have a terrible fitting leather jacket, nothing you will do makes it less so.


A leather jacket is for life.

A leather jacket isn’t á throwaway item. It’s a piece to invest in, and once you’ve got it, it will last you decades, if not a lifetime. Buying a leather jacket is a commitment – not just a financial one, but one that will give your casual wear an instant boost.




A quick outfit fixer.

Once the purchase of a leather jacket has been made, you’ll find yourself returning to it time and time again. Not feeling the white t-shirt and jean combination that you chucked on in a hurry this morning?? Well, this is the moment you need a reliably stylish leather jacket to throw on to take things up a notch, or two. – never doubt the power of a good piece of outerwear, particularly a piece as iconic as the leather jacket.




Yes, you can pull it off.

The trouble with leather jackets is, a lot of gentlemen think that they can’t pull the look off. The opposite in fact, is the truth. There are a couple of key rules that you need to follow. – First, do not over-complicate things: a leather jacket is the standout item in your outfit, and the key is not overdo it with a whole collection of other eye-catching pieces. The second, and equally important thing is: take note that there are a massive amount of styles out there, and it’s important for you to make sure you choose the right one! If you go for a style that doesn’t suit your body shape, or fit naturally into your personal style, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Get advised properly!!




It’s damn cool.

Not that you needed much more convincing, but there’s a reason that James Dean wore a leather jacket on a near daily basis… It’s a seriously cool piece of kit and an achingly stylish wardrobe essential.