BMW R1100GS BASED SCRAMBLER “GS11” – by Hervé Lurton

0 Posted by - 23/03/2015 - Motorcycles

When it comes to custom BMW Motorrad’s, you nowaday’s probably instantly think about the “usualR60’s or R90’s…But thank god some people still think outside of the box, and just grab what’s in their reach – This Scrambler Hervé Lurton build is absolutely one of them!!




This BMW started it’s life as a R1100GS and has been stripped down to become this beautifull “no nonsense ” purpose build Scrambler – Mechanicly she got an engine rebuild, a new clutch and Hervé welded a new manifold to house the awesome Supertrapp silencer.




The bulky Mitas C02 tires and handmade leather seat and gastank complete the whole Scrambler feel – and, as a bonus –  it got more useable because all these changes shaved 60KG’s of the original weight (!!) making it more “lively ” to drive on a daily base.




Hervé Lurton’s spend about 150 hours to create this beast. Paint, welding, sewing and bodywork are all done “in House ” at his company called Satora Design.

For more info about Hervé and his company visit his website!