BMW R100 “Straße” – by FUEL

0 Posted by - 12/07/2014 - Motorcycles

BASED on a BMW R100 RS from 1979 the Fuel R100 Straße (“Street” in german) – The bike was ordered by Pablo, an enthusiast of classic motorcycles, restless traveler and fan of Apple products.


THE basic idea in terms of design was to get a motorcycle with simple and clean lines, where each part of the bike was very defined by color or materials. For example, the tank and fenders are a visual block, the engine was totally painted for getting another visual block. So as a result the chassis and subframe in sand color stands out in it’s own way.


THE gastank was a very important part for the look of the bike. So they did lot’s of tests with diferents techniques to get an “aged metal” aspect. That was finally achieved by using Judea bitumen plus a clear coat for the protection.
A powerful and small lithium battery was hidden in the air filter box to get a cleaner design.




A true motorcycle to get lost with in style….

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