#1429: Multitool|by KLAX

0 Posted by - 09/07/2014 - Gear

WITH its innovative design, the Klax Multitool can turn any sturdy piece of wood into an axe.


INVENTED by the father and son team behind Klecker Knives, the Klax is essentially a multitool built into the head of an axe. However, this axehead has the ability to attach to any handle, including a found piece of wood. To affix the axehead, the Klecker team invented an adjustable clamping mechanism that securely attaches the unit to a piece of wood. Now you can assemble an axe whenever you need it, and disassemble just as easily.


THE Klax made a very successful debut on Kickstarter and has already well exceeded it’s goal. However, if you want to get in on the first production run of this versatile backcountry tool, visit kickstarter.com