#1519: Mr. Bond’ new Defender for Spectre + movietrailer

0 Posted by - 11/10/2015 - Cars

Acting like the Land Rover Defender groupy that I really am, you can imagine my mind went nuts when I saw this “beast” that they’ve created for the new Bond movie Spectre.



Bond – James Bond. That name has an iconic ring to it, making people of all ages think about some suave debonair dressed in a tailored suit using the coolest gadgets and a seemingly bottomless bank account to thwart the plans of international criminals and spies. The latest installment of James Bond, Spectre, will be the series’ 24th movie since its beginnings in 1962.




Dressed to impress just like Bond, the Defender comes packing several modifications that make this movie car perform perilous stunts without breaking a sweat – or suspension bits. Not only does the Defender fill the role of a manly off-roader for the movie, the movie helps pay tribute to the legendary Defender before Land Rover ends production its in the coming months.




Yes, sadly, the current 2015 Land Rover Defender will be retired thanks to tightening emissions and safety standards. When, exactly, production will end is still undecided by Land Rover brass. The date has already been extended once with rumors of another extension. Either way, the Defender – at least in its current form – isn’t long for this world.




Starting with the Double Cab Pickup configuration, movie creators turned the standard Defender into a beastly machine. Massive 37-inch Maxxis Trepador tires mounted on bead lock wheels were added for unmatched off-road prowess. Covering those tires are wide fender extensions. A step bar is mounted between the tires, making it easier to hop inside.




A body-mounted roof rack provides extra storage and a great mounting point for four LED off-road lights. An engine snorkel keeps high water from entering the intake.

At the front, a Land Rover brush guard and winch mount holds an electric winch rated to pull 10,000 pounds. A hemp towrope adds character as well. Beyond that, the Defender is pretty much stock.




The Land Rover Defender, especially decked out in its James Bond movie attire, is a formidable beast that commands attention. It’s awesome the classic icon is getting a send-off thanks to the Bond movie franchise – and knowing how good the last few movies have been, the send-off will likely be a great one.

Spectre’ release is scheduled for October 26th.