Moto Profile: Fabio Muner – an industry legend

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So stoked..!! This second edition of the `Moto Profile` segment is reserved for Fabio Muner. The man responsible for the racing activities at Dainese and AGV. Trekking the globe with his team during the various motorcycle races every season. An allround every day nice guy and an inspiration to many who have the honor working with him every day!!

– Who are you, and what’s your background?

I am the Racing and Strategic Partnership Director for Dainese and AGV.

I always worked in the motorcycle industry, before as marketing and communication director (always in the Dainese group). In my previous professional experiences I worked as marketing manager and OEM key account manager in PIRELLI group (with a foreign experience in Pirelli France) and as Product Manager in Aprilia a lot of years ago…


– Where are you right now in the company? Set the scene for us…

Actually I develop the racing activities for the group, I am in charge of the contracts negotiations with riders, teams and federations, both for motorcycle, ski and bike racing activities.

Also the racing service is among my responsibilities with the help of our experienced technicians on the field.

– You obviously have a passion for safetygear. What’s the attraction..?

Yes, I am very passionate with the product we develop and supply to the best athletes in the world. I find Dainese and AGV gears and helmets to be something really unique in terms of style and technologies applied to dynamic sports’ safety.


– What inspires you?

The extreme attention and research to high-end quality, technologies, service and above all, I have a never ending passion for sports and motorcycles.

– What was your first motorcycle?

My first two wheeler was a Piaggio Bravo 50cc, but the very first motorcycle was an Aprilia RX 125cc, followed by so many others…


– What’s your proudest achievement at the company so far?

There are many…but I have great memories of the Italian Legendary Tour, a trip of 3 days visiting the best Italian spots riding motorcycles together with great champions as Agostini, Lucchinelli, Biaggi, Schwantz, Simoncelli, Fogarty, Rossi…it was a one-of-a-kind event.

– What’s your best memory on a motorcycle?

Riding with Vale, Schwantz and Ago among the famous corners of Mugello racetrack…nighttime…under the rain. Engraved in my memory. Also the President of the circuit said he never saw something similar in this epic racetrack.


– Which motorcycle are you riding on a daily base?

Unfortunately I do not have time to ride motorcycle daily, in my garage I have a fullycustomed Thruxton 900 (The Mooner) and a ’73 Shovelhead.

– What’s your favorite route for a mind-clearing drive?

My preferred hometown spot…the Strada Costiera of Trieste, riding smoothly, dancing on the soft corners and watching the Mediterranean colors of the Adriatic Sea.


– What’s going to be your main focus with Dainese/AGV for 2017?

Our main focus is, as usual, to deliver the best protective gear systems in the championships we attend to.

We will go on developing the D-air Mugello R with 4 riders in the first year of this technology introduction in the racing market and we will go on delivering to all the others our famous D-Air racing system.
All our pro riders are protected by our electronic air bags since so many seasons.
As far as ski World Cup we are supplying the D-Air platform this season to 20 pro skiers in Downhill and Super G races, achieving this year the first victory of our electronic air bag with Matthias Mayer in the Super G of Kitzbühel this week.


I would like to thank Fabio Muner for taking time out of his busy life to contribute to this blog!

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Interviewed by Jack Lacanau