The “monkee #60” yamaha sr400 – by Wrenchmonkees

1 Posted by - 17/11/2013 - Motorcycles

When Yamaha showed the “scaled down” version of the retro shaped SR500 in 2008 called the SR400 (basically they just shortened the stroke of the engine..) for the Japanese market. Japanese bike customizers started using this model as the ideal base for caferacers and scramblers, in no-time numerous different versions started to turn up on the internet.

Strange to say… The best one i’ve seen is born in Denmark….


At the Wrenchmonkees Garage in Copenhagen Denmark they took a Yamaha SR400 and build one of the coolest looking Scramblers till now. Basicly they kept the original frame and suspension setup, painted it flat black and bolted on some aftermarket parts. Nothing special you think..? “I can do that to” i hear you say…


Sure you can.. But the way they welded up their own luggagerack with that insane looking WM (WrenchMonkee) Sandqvist leather bag, and combined the whole thing with Heidenau K60 tires on black powder coated 18″ aluminum rims with stainless spokes worked out just awesome! They know a thing or two about mixing up the best aftermarket parts combined with their own WM custom parts.


Performance wise they added a KEDO stainless exhaust header, and WM “Spark” stainless steel muffler they build themselfs.
They lowered the original front suspension by a few inches combined with new YSS rear shocks. The wiring was partly relocated and it got partly rewired. The ignition lock got repositioned under left sidecover.


Topping the whole thing off with a black leather KEDO single seat, their own WM footpegs and a WM motorcross handlebar. The headlight they took of a XT500 isn’t looking that bad either…


I simply fell in love on first sight.. Luckily for us, Wrenchmonkee provides “do it yourself” kits you can buy in the Wrenchmonkee Webshop…!! Go and check out the Wenchmonkee website..!!