Moto Profile: Lorenzo Buratti – The creative mastermind

1 Posted by - 06/01/2015 - Moto Profile

Once in a while you come across people that you just instantly admire, whether it’s in fashion, sports or just simply whilst conversating with one… Lorenzo Buratti is one of those people – His mind overflow’s with creative idea’s – And also has the skill-set to create them with his own hands.

– We’ve all seen Lorenzo Buratti’s Boxer Chair. Made out of 11 handcut pliewood elements – spaced with CNC cut spacers – and finished of with two untouched BMW R45 cylinderheads.


lorenzo-buratti-boxer-chair1     lorenzo-buratti-boxer-chair3     lorenzo-buratti-boxer-chair4    lorenzo-buratti-boxer-chair7


Starting his way in freestyle BMX when he was younger – all the way up till the African Rally Raids and Enduro’s when he got older. Alway’s searching for the next exciting thing to do.

I live my way, often with hands in the mud, often with hands greased by engine oil, often grabbing the handlebars.

Whether it’s working woods and steels, tune and customize his motorcycles or create furnitures for his house – His creative mind and building skills are unstoppable.



SWM-TL320-by-Lorenzoburatti-6     SWM-TL320-by-Lorenzoburatti-3     SWM-TL320-by-Lorenzoburatti-4    SWM-TL320-by-Lorenzoburatti-2


For more info about Lorenzo Buratti and his creations visit his website!





author: Jack Lacanau