motorcycle gloves – by Lee Parks Design

0 Posted by - 11/12/2013 - Riding Gear

RIDING in €12 hardware store gloves is cool and all, but so is keeping the skin on your hands. More than just another pretty product, these deerskin gloves blend traditional design with real performance.


THESE gloves fit snug and tight—just like a motorcycle glove should. Tight enough to stay on your hand in a crash, and they offer enough dexterity to easily fasten a helmet clasp and precisely manipulate handlebar controls while wearing. No more fumbling or whipping gloves off for every little thing.


THE lack of a vulnerable seam on the palm where the thumb meets the rest of the glove means one fewer critical failure point. The Lee Parks have exactly four seams, and they’ve managed to make it so that none of them traverse the palm.


 Retailing at $89,95

Full sizes of these hand-made-in-Oregon gloves are on the shelves now at Lee Parks Design.