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It’s the end of an era… And honestly, I’m pretty upset about it.

The Defender is my absolute first choice when it comes to four wheeled transportation – And that being said, 2015 is going to be a sad year for me… – They’ve decided that this is the last year the Defender is being build.

My beloved Defender will see its decades-long run end later this year as UK production of the current model winds down. So at Land Rover they’ve decided to “toast” this lasting legacy with the Land Rover Defender Celebration Series. Today, we’ll show you the “Heritage Limited Edition” – One edition out of three different editions being produced.

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Defender is the epitome of toughness, of ruggedness, of strength and most importantly of capability.

Gerry McGovernLand Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer


The grille echoes the earliest designs, and HUE 166 graphics on the sides recall the registration plate of the very first pre-production Land Rover. Unique Grasmere Green paint matched to the characteristic original Land Rover Green and an original Land Rover Series 1 badge add up to a fitting homage.

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To pay it a fond farewell, Land Rover drew a giant outline of the legendary off-roader in the sand at Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey, Wales – the same place where the original Land Rover was first dreamt up some 68 years ago. To complete the endeavor, Land Rover pressed six Defenders into service, dragging chains across the sand to draw the vehicle’s shape one kilometer (over 3,000 feet) across in the sand before the tide came in to wash it all away.





Land Rover Series 1 was launched by the Rover Company on the 30th of April 1948. Build from Birmabright, an aluminium/magnesium alloy left over from wartime aircraft production, as steel was tightly rationed, the vehicle was painted ex-RAF Ascot cockpit green.

The HUE 166 is the original Land Rover and is still running today. Known affectionately as Huey, the go-anywhere, four-wheel drive vehicle featured an innovative transfer gearbox with two ranges, known nowaday as high and low gears.


For more info visit the Land Rover website.


Author: Jack Lacanau