Jack go’s swapmeeting – for Rusty Gold Motorcycles

0 Posted by - 02/05/2016 - Impressions

First and foremost I want to put out there, I normally don’t do this.. I’m that guy that buy’s whatever he needs for his bike online, or at the dealership. (yes I know, don’t judge…)

A couple of months ago I came across an old-skool looking add from the Rusty Gold Motorshop on Facebook (Highly recommended one-stop biker shop, but I’ll save that for another time) for something called the ” Rusty Gold Swapmeet ” – So what do you do on a sunny free Sunday with some time to spare..? – Exactly, you start exploring new territory…


For the people that read this and wonder ” Jack, what the heck is a swapmeet ? ” – A swapmeet is a type of bazaar that offers space to people who want to sell/trade, in this case, used motorcycle related items such as parts, merchandising and whatever else needed to complete your one-off build. That being said…  It’s also a pretty damn good excuse to show-off some (tempering myself) great builds.

Not needing anything for my own bike, or a future project for that matter, I just had a stroll through this wonderful new world I discovered – Of course, me just being me, couldn’t leave without some souvenirs…

But hey, all the swap-meet exploring aside, the bikes on the parking lot… That’s a whole different ball game. – Who knew this scene was so big..? The time and effort put in most of these gems is mind-blowing. All crafted by human hands, with parts found on swap-meets like these or the originals customized and reconditioned. The ” Build, not bought ” slogan finally received a real meaning here. Every single one of the owners, so happy and passionate to talk you through his creation. It’s definitely an event I’ll keep my eye on, highly recommended to go and see for yourself next time it comes along..

– Enjoy these pictures.. I’ll be quiet now..

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