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With the ever changing laws allowing the younger bike enthousiast among us, with a “light” driving license, to drive up to 350cc bikes. And so making this a new custom market that could become quite interesting – So far we haven’t seen big constructions in the world of custom builds. Dream Wheels Heritage aims to change that, and made this project CLR 125.




Originally, Honda CLR 125 City Fly is a sassy urban bike to be enjoyed easily in the city and in flat areas. Because its 125cc engine was not designed for a sporty driving, but to be economical and reliable in daily use. So to this day it’s still the bike that remains the model of choice for courier delivery, and so on.




Dream Wheels’ latest foray into the little bike scene is this 2001-model Honda CityFly CLR125. The CityFly shares the popular XLR125’s ultra-reliable 124cc power plant, but it has slightly more ‘urban’ styling. This particular CityFly was acquired from a pizza delivery guy, before Dream Wheels set about transforming it. “ The style we want to give this build was a scrambler for the city, ” says Hélder. “ We wanted functionality, and lines that are a mix of new and old.




This meant a pretty radical transformation. For starters, Dream Wheels straightened out the CityFly’s awkward lines with a 1990 Yamaha FS1 tank, and a custom-made subframe and seat. The tank needed some restoration work, and its filler cap’s been customized further with an old fridge magnet.




Dream Wheels also fabricated a set of fenders and side covers, and a new battery box (there’s a small gel battery inside). The inverted forks are from RMX50; they’ve been rebuilt, re-sprung and lowered. And the rear shock’s been lowered to match.




A Yamaha XS400 donated its 18” front wheel and disc brake, while an 18” Rexfelgen rim (a brand made by Excel) was laced up at the rear. Both are wrapped in Heidenau K67 trials rubber. On the maintenance side, the CLR’s engine needed a bit of a refresh and a new coat of paint. There’s a new transmission, new brake and spark plug lines and a K&N air filter. The chunky silencer is a rebuilt, second-hand FMF Mega Max II unit, fed by a hand-made header.




Scrambler-esque running gear includes a set of Renthal bars, and an enduro-style headlight, with a yellow lens and a number board. Dream Wheels also fitted a LED taillight, a smaller speedo and a set of mini-switches from Blitz Motorcycles.




Pitta Designs executed the skate-influenced paint job on the tank and side covers, offset by the brown saddle, and brown finishes on the engine, brakes and forks. As a finishing touch, Dream Wheels used red spoke nipples for the rear wheel, a red plug lead, and painted the rear shock spring. – As if this little CityFly wasn’t cool enough already, it also comes with a removable skateboard rack. Just perfect for lazy rides down to the beachfront or around town.

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