short film “The Glint” – by Comete Motorcycles

0 Posted by - 17/02/2014 - Motorcycles, Short films

WHAT is more natural than a movie to communicate the feeling of liberty ones experience while riding a motorcycle?


THIS is the observation Guillaume Drapier, founder of Comete Motocycles, and director/photographer Mathieu Maury agreed upon when they decided to work together.

FROM this was born THE GLINT, the first Comete Motocycles short movie directed by Mathieu Maury.


FILMED in one single day at Cap Blanc Nez – a remarkable location in the Opale coast, located between Belgium and Normandy as well as facing England – THE GLINT tells the simple story of a rider going to meet the sunset on the seaside…..


THIS short film has a real poetical vibe… It’s the complete explanation of why “we” do what we do.. And so it becomes my “Feel Good Short-Film” of today!!