#1302: Estate fun with Chris Harris

0 Posted by - 24/09/2013 - Cars

Imagine this,

You’re in the left lane on a German Autobahn, with your wife, your kids and your labrador. All slam packed with suitcases and that little pink “Dora the explorer” trolley your daughter HAD to bring… On your way to Italy for a well deserved vacation.

All of a sudden a Porsche 911/997 Turbo appears in your rearview mirror, you speed up to about 220kmh and shift down to 7th or 6th gear… You start pulling away from that 997 Turbo… That’s that moment when you remember why you bought that RS6 Avant or that CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake…


These car’s are INSANE!! 3.9seconds to 100kmh’s for the RS6,  and 4.2seconds for the CLS63. Those are supercar numbers.. Not something you’d expect from an estate family carrier…!

One of our favorite testdrivers, Chris Harris from DRIVE tested, them both in a 12 minute roadtest film. ENJOY!