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Being the Dainese fanboy that I am I’ve always been a “collector” of the finest they had to offer. Therefor I own a VAST collection of  gear they have in the collection. It kept me safe in all conditions, and everytime well worth the money.  A little over a year ago the great guys at Dainese gave me the Dainese Sunville Skinny Kevlar jeans to test on my daily commutes (150KM a day, 350 day’s a year) I tried using the Sunville Skinny on a real frequent base. In all sorts of conditions, the Italian summer heat, the downtown Amsterdam hassle and everything in between.




First thing I noticed, it’s a REAL skinny fashion-esque fit. Made from a stretchy stone washed cotton – Made with the fashion forwarded riders in mind, the Sunville Skinny Jeans offer a super slim profile with DuPont™ Kevlar® reinforcements, but comes up short in any real additional armor.


dainese_sunville_skinny_jeans_blue_zoomdainese_sunville_skinny_jeans_blue_zoom (1)


Using it on and off the bike almost every day (and I get on-and-off frequently during a workday) made it the perfect pair in my wardrobe. It doesn’t have the bulky shapeless fits like other brands and models have. It blends in perfectly with my own personal style –  I had, working in fashion, fooled lot’s of the jeans-minded people I come across on a daily base. Not believing these are actual Kevlar motorcycle jeans. Resulting in dropping them to show the Kevlar lining that`s on the most critical spots on the inside. These are located on both knees, bottom and hips.





In the end the Sunville Skinny is SUPERB for in-town riding or commuting, looks awesome on-and-off the bike, ideal for the one that doesn’t want to change when he arrives at work or is going to hit a night downtown on the bike. Especially when you match them with a great motorcycle sneaker! When it comes to `ageing` of the denim fabric, it´s compared to a normal jeans you wear frequently, it doesn’t have eternal life, the Kevlar makes it a bit more long-lasting than a normal pair. That being said, the only personal note is that everything above 130kph (highway’s etc etc) makes me feel a little bit self-conscious and coming short in real hard impact protection. But still, the Sunville Skinny Jeans offer a step up in protection over your Levi 510’s without sacrificing an ounce of style….

Priced at a great value for money  €139.- (free shipping above €99,-)




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