36060 CAPSULE COLLECTION – by Dainese

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So, let me just ask you –  “how important is stylish motorcycle gear to you guy’s..?”

In my own vision (and line off work) it means the world to me. I was one off those guy’s that preferred style over safety – Until I met the boy’s at Dainese…!

Thanks to them I realised it could be both – So you can image I jumped up and down from joy when they told me there was going to be a vintage/herritage line – And now, a while later – the 36060 line is launched..!!


But, the issue is – “Vintage” has been in-fashion for some time now. You know it’s an official “trend” when major corporations start releasing new clothing lines to capitalize. Only the difference in this situation is, Dainese is one of the company’s that has the real heritage to back it up…

Founded by Lino Dainese in 1972, Dainese holds roots in Molvena – 36060, Vicenza, Italy. This new 36060 Capsule Collection is the new menswear line that aims to please those looking for improved safety, without compromising style.

Dainese_36060_Motorcycle_Gear_Moto-Mucci (3)

The collection includes boots, jackets, shirts, trousers, and gloves – all designed with a vintage look that harkens back to Dainese’s humble beginnings. Trousers will feature Kevlar reinforcement, while the jackets will include armor in the elbow and shoulders. The shoe styles range from full length leather boots to canvas sneakers. Weather and Injury protection will be standard, of course. The gloves will be cut from goat-skin leather and some styles will include armor in the knuckles.


Another major highlight of this new capsule collection is the undeniable mastery of leather that has accrued over almost four decades of dedicated craftsmanship. As such, shoppers will be exposed to a plethora of unique treatments, finishes and high quality leather grains.

Dainese_36060_Motorcycle_Gear_Moto-Mucci (6)
Dainese_36060_Motorcycle_Gear_Moto-Mucci (4)Dainese_36060_Motorcycle_Gear_Moto-Mucci (9)

To find out more about the 36060 capsule collection visit the official website 36060.dainese.com

Or immediatelly head on over to the WEBSHOP..!




author: Jack Lacanau