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In the land of the custom motorcycle no brand gets selected more than BMW’s do. The classic looks of the older 70’s and 80’s frames and ditto engines make a great base for an awesome custom. However, the first GS range isn’t picked that often. Sadly, if I may add. I’m a big fan of the GS range ever since they were launched.




ER Motorcycles based in Slovenia has just created the most bad-ass of them all. This 1989 R100GS Paris Dakar you see here was commissioned by Christian, who is a banker by day in Austria and a brilliant photographer who loves nothing more than seeing the world with his camera over his shoulder by night. for long distance tours. Argentina, to be exact, there for it got designed with adventure, earthiness and minimalism in mind, the bike was stripped down to its bare bones, fitted with a host of bag racks, supports and carriers so that Christian could carry all that he needed on his next South American adventure. The result is nothing short of awesome…




With the subframe bolted onto the main chassis new mounts were made for the fenders front and rear, with both items proving generous in their size to keep the worst of the Argentine roads off Christian in his travels. Knowing some wild roads were to be traversed the airhead engine is protected by guards on each side and all of the metal work was then sprayed in a hard-wearing matte black for a truly purposeful finish. An adventure bike is not much good if it only holds a few litres of fuel and you don’t want to go off the beaten path unless you’re sure you can get back, ER mounted a larger metal gastank to increase the fuel capacity.




The reliability of the R series engine is so great that even the race teams barely made changes to the motor; outright speed does not win a long race in harsh conditions! The 980cc air-cooled lump produces 60 odd horsepower, but it’s the endless supply of low down torque mated up with an ultra-reliable shaft drive assembly that makes the GS such an incredible machine for any type of long distance work. The stock Bing carbies have been refreshed and all the hoses and clamps have been replaced while all the consumables have been swapped out for new items to give Christian an unbreakable ride. — If there is one thing you don’t want to leave to chance when sending a customer off on an adventure riding an ’80s bike is thirty year old wiring. So ER have stripped out the loom and re-wired the entire bike with the best components in the industry.