BLK DNM Designer Johan Lindeberg – On how to express yourself with clothing.

0 Posted by - 22/01/2015 - Essentials

Johan Lindeberg approaches designing for his BLK DNM line by creating what he’d want to wear himself. But he understands that not every guy can do that, which is why he finds it important for people to dress according to their “own taste and intuition. We all become so influenced over the years,” he told us recently. “I’ve spent a lot of time to refocus and connect with what I really like and think. I learned not to care too much about trends.”

Perhaps that explains why BLK DNM’s offerings of jeans, leather jackets, T-shirts, and other wardrobe staples always seems so timeless. Herein, the designer speaks to the ease of wearing a uniform, why accessories are so important, and how to express yourself with your clothing.


1. I wear basically the same thing every day: my silver chain necklace, a BLK DNM scoop neck T-shirt, a silk scarf, a leather jacket or blazer, and jeans.

2. I like to see jeans as a foundation of a modern wardrobe—it’s a grounding item with tailoring, a denim jacket, a leather jacket or coat.

3. A uniform makes getting dressed very easy in the morning. My silk scarf has become part of my identity.

4. For a man, accessories are important— they add another layer of personality.

5. I love my vintage gold Rolex from the 50’s. The BLK DNM Moscot glasses are also part of my uniform, and my Fuji X-1 Pro camera as well. I sleep with it under my pillow.

6. I think it’s great to use fashion to develop your personality and express who you really are.

7. Style is personal. BLK DNM is a reflection of my personal taste. And I like to see how people make it their own.

8. Follow your intuition. Express who you really are.