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THE inside label said.. “created in Holland, crafted in Japan ” so they had my attention right away…

BASED in Amsterdam, Benzak Denim Developers created the first official 6 pocket jeans.


MOST jeans as we know feature 5 pockets: 2 on the back, 2 on the front and 1 extra at the facing of the right front pocket. this extra pocket, commonly known as the coin pocket, was used to carry small objects, such as coins, a watch or even nuggets of gold.


THE modern day “cowboy” often carries a bit more to that, thus BDD introduced a standard 6th pocket – a hidden pocket at the facing of the left front pocket, only noticable by the exposed selvedge at the top, just under the waistband. they simply call this:

the evolution of a classic.’

AS you can see in the video above, Benzak produces denim with the highest attention to detail.. This is how true denim icons are born…!


FOR more info about the collection and the company i invite you to visit the Benzak Denim Developers website..


(Source: Benzak Denim Developers)