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I sincerely love the look of the Urban Cowboy B&B in Brooklyn. As ” strange ” as the name might seem, the design on the inside is quite the opposite. Smartly industrial-inspired decisions create an environment that’s warm, inviting, stylish, and flat-out cool.

At the beginning of all this many were right to question why real estate developer Lyon Porter chose an un-assuming family home on Powers Street..?

For Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s, this is the first “ high-design, hipster-inspired B&B. ” Yeah, sure.. the location was great and there was a decent backyard, – but between the multiple dropped ceilings, linoleum, and huge discard pile of items left by the former owner, – the project was going to require considerable vision….

Take the photo tour below and decide for yourself if he did it… I sure as hell think he nailed it..!!

– 111 Powers St., Brooklyn; 347/840-0525; doubles start at $150. singles at $75.

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