La Classica blend – By La Bottega Milanese

0 Posted by - 23/09/2013 - Essentials


what’s the best thing that could happen when you come home…?

Exactly..  That’s it..  A perfectly fresh home brewed espresso.

My friends at La Bottega Milanese hooked me up with their “La Classica” house blend,  and it´s pretty safe to say… I’M HOOKED…!


This “La Classica” blend combines a chocolate & fudgy undertone, with a touch of liquorice.

It’s (as the name say’s) their “classica” house blend, a closely guarded custom composition, made up of the finest Brazilian Arabica’s, and high quality Robusta’s for that perfect crema and caffeine kick in a traditional Italian blend style…


My way of brewing it, is with the Bialetti “Moka Express”. Works perfectly every time. And the more a Bialetti “wears”, the better the taste gets. Just make sure you find that perfect combination of water and fine grind coffee…


Go and check La Bottega Milanese out online.

Or even better (and yes Alex, it’s also on my to-do list..) visit them in Leeds. located Unit A11A, The Light, The Headrow, Leeds LS1 8TL. UK